Perfect survey of the working passage.

Smaller investments that make it possible to keep beaches flawlessly clean by machine.

Unloading height of 2.60 m.

A turning sieve belt and two rubber shafts removes all the garbage.

Equipped with a sieve surface of more than 4 m2, remarkable top quality and user-friendliness.

Easy attached to the tractor, Standard 540rpm.

Technical data
Capacity screen surface +4m2
Operating cleaning width 1900mm
Cleaning depth up to 0-200mm
Overall length 4855mm
Width 2200mm
Height 1900mm
Size of tires 19.0/45-17
Weight 1940kg
Unloading height 2.60m
Hopper capacity circa 1.5m3
Power take-off shaft speed max 540rpm
Tractor power 70-110 hp
Tractor hydraulics 2 double-acting circuits
Cleaning capacity 15000m2/h
All specifications are subject to change without notice

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